For 70 years and counting, EUFMC has been a must attend annual event for fleets that operate, manage and maintain utility equipment.

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EUFMC Exhibits Move to a New Show Site for 2024

The EUFMC equipment show will be moving this year to a new site across the road to the parking area immediately adjacent to the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center. The show will feature the same number of exhibits hosted by Manufacturers and Suppliers of vehicles, equipment, products, and services for utility fleet operations.

The Drive-Through utility equipment demonstration will also move to the parking lot across the street from its previous location. Lunch will continue to be held at the Woodlands Conference Center.

The move was necessitated by a construction project that is part of a redevelopment plan for the site being carried out by the Historic Triangle Recreational Facilities Authority. Due to the change in location, no individual parking will be available at either the Drive-Through or Equipment Show sites.


Shane Kimbrough, Vice President of Strategic Operations at Quanta Services and a former NASA astronaut, will serve as the dinner speaker during the 2024 EUFMC. Kimbrough’s presentation will be sponsored by EUFMC Leadership Sponsor International.

Kimbrough will bring a unique perspective to EUFMC in a presentation on several topics that reflect his role at Quanta Services and his U.S. Army and NASA experience. At Quanta Services, Kimbrough is currently leading several corporate initiatives, including the Quanta Elite Foreman and CEO Innovation Awards programs. He is also heading up efforts to recruit veterans and integrate robotic technology into operations.

Shane Kimbrough


Mathias Carlbaum, President and Chief Executive Officer of Navistar, Inc. will be the keynote speaker during the 2024 EUFMC. Carlbaum will share his extensive 25-year industry experience, covering his leadership role at Navistar, his membership on the TRATON SE Executive Board, and his time at Scania AB in Sweden, Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.


Planning for the 2024 EUFMC is well underway and fleet registration for the 71st annual conference is now open. For the premier, invitation-only event, fleet professionals are receiving registration information by email.

EUFMC offers fleets a unique opportunity to connect with peers at companies across North America that operate utility equipment. The 2024 EUFMC educational program on Driving Safety, Sustainability & Technical Expertise will feature presentations by fleet executives, manufacturers, and industry experts. EUFMC will also feature a Drive-Through utility equipment demonstration and an equipment show that is the site of more than 60 displays, the second annual Women in Utility Fleet gathering and Special Activities, including tours, golf outings, events for spouses, and more.

EUFMC General Conference Information

EUFMC is an educational conference attended by representatives of fleets from across the U.S. and Canada that operate, manage and maintain utility equipment. The annual conference is held at the Williamsburg Lodge and Conference Center in Williamsburg, Virginia.


  • Specify, purchase, operate, manage and maintain over 332,000 vehicles and more than 63,000 pieces of equipment, and employ more than 5,500 technicians.
  • Spend over $2.6 billion on assets annually.

The EUFMC General Session is a two-day comprehensive educational program featuring presentations by industry experts, manufacturers and fleets. Fleet representatives and suppliers also participate in roundtable discussions to exchange information and discuss mutual challenges, find solutions and develop best practices.

Representatives from manufacturers and suppliers of vehicles, equipment, products and services for utility fleet operations attend EUFMC. The event includes a drive-through utility equipment demonstration and an equipment show that is the site of more than 60 displays.

EUFMC Participation Information


Utility fleet representatives are invited to call the conference office at (757) 220-1795 or email Ann Brown-Hailey at for registration information.


Due to the desire to provide an equitable ratio of vendors to fleet representatives, manufacturers and service providers attend and exhibit at EUFMC conference by invitation only. Learn More

EUFMC Attendees Say

EUFMC continues to be the best source I’ve found for learning how to better manage our fleet. There is no other venue where I find as much directly applicable information as I do at this show. If you can attend only one conference, this is the one to pick.

Tom Jansen
Superintendent of Fleet Operations
Minnesota Power

EUFMC Conference Objective

The objective of the EUFMC, a non-profit association, is to provide educational and technical information pertaining to the design, procurement, application, operation, management and maintenance of utility equipment used by fleets. The conference provides a forum where fleet professionals can exchange information and discuss mutual challenges, find solutions and develop best practices through close cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers of vehicles, equipment, products and services for utility fleet operations.