EUFMC Conference Rules and Regulations

Governing Attendance Of Manufacturers and Service Providers Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference Williamsburg, Virginia

  1. Conference participation shall be by invitation only. Invited manufacturers and service providers are carefully selected by the Board of Directors to ensure the greatest possible benefit to all parties attending the Conference. Invited manufacturers and service providers shall not extend invitations to any other person who is not an employee of their company. Such invitations must originate from the Board of Directors of the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC).

  2. Manufacturers and service providers shall pay a 2021 Company Registration fee of $2000. The Company registration fee includes a company listing in the EUFMC virtual conference platform along with a complimentary registration of ten (10) company representatives. The company name submitted on the registration form is the company that will be listed.

  3. Booths in the virtual conference exhibit hall are available with a paid sponsorship, a separate expense. See EUFMC Sponsor Information.

  4. In the virtual exhibit show, participating sponsors may not demonstrate, display or advertise any vehicle, equipment or product representing or bearing the signage of any other entity or company. This includes any company or affiliate of that entity, subsidiary or partner of the manufacturer unless that entity or company is registered with the EUFMC.

  5. If an invited manufacturer has equipment and/or decals or logos displaying a company not registered with the EUFMC, additional fees will be assessed. To display equipment of a company not registered, a fee of $2500 will be assessed. To display the logo or decal of a company not registered, an advertising fee of $500 for each logo or decal will be assessed for not covering the decal or logo.

  6. Companies may hold raffles for booth visitation using lead retrieval data provided after the live conference. Any prizes, gifts, promotional items, or any other giveaway should not exceed a nominal value.

  7. Registration for up to ten complimentary registrants will open in April. Once the ten complimentary individual registrant spaces are filled, additional virtual attendees may be added at $500 each. A separate form will be provided on request for the individual and additional registrants. Individual registrations are only transferable to individuals within the same company.

  8. Registration deadline for companies that wish to purchase a booth is April 1. After the deadline a booth space cannot be guaranteed. The deadline for a company listing registration in the conference platform is May 1.

  9. Refunds will be made on cancellation of registration and sponsorship through March 31. Refunds cannot be made on cancellations after April 1.

EUFMC Attendees Say


How does the ability to meet with key suppliers and see their latest technologies and equipment in one place benefit your ability to make more effective fleet procurement and management choices?

Meeting with key industry supplier representatives provides an opportunity to establish dependable and long standing relationships. These are lifetime relationships counted on for reliable and professional guidance while learning how their product and advancing technologies might fit within your operations.

Mark Booker
Fleet Manager
Nashville Electric Service