Rules & Regulations

EUFMC Conference Rules and Regulations

Governing Attendance Of Manufacturers and Service Providers Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference Williamsburg, Virginia

  1. Conference attendance shall be by invitation only. Invited manufacturers and service providers are carefully selected by the Board of Directors to ensure the greatest possible benefit to all parties attending the Conference. Invited manufacturers and service providers shall not extend invitations to any other person who is not an employee of their company. Such invitations must originate from the Board of Directors of the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC).

  2. Manufacturers and service providers shall pay a Company registration fee of $2500. The Company registration fee includes display space in the outdoor show. The Company name registered determines exhibit space allotted as described in item 9.

  3. Each company registered with the EUFMC may register a maximum of five (5) representatives. Companies must register at least one key contact representative. The individual registration fee is $350 per person. Each of the five registered employees may register a spouse/social guest; the registration fee for spouses/social guests is $250 each. Individual registrations are not transferable.

    Once the five individual registrant spaces are filled, a maximum of five additional attendees may be added at $500 each; a separate form will be provided for the additional registrants.

  4. The maximum number of participants in the drive-through demonstration is limited. Participants in the vehicle drive-through program are determined by the EUFMC Board of Directors. As openings arise in the drive-through, priority for participation will be extended to vehicle, mobile equipment and body manufacturers. Service providers are not eligible.

  5. Equipment shown in the drive-through demonstrations is limited to what can be shown during the time allotted to the single vendor. Multiple vendors may utilize the same piece of equipment. The order of demonstration will be determined by a drawing.

  6. Registered manufacturers and service providers may participate in the Monday afternoon equipment demonstration. Participating exhibitors may not demonstrate, display or advertise any vehicle, equipment or product representing or bearing the signage of any other entity or company. This includes any company or affiliate of that entity, subsidiary or partner of the manufacturer unless that entity or company is registered with the EUFMC.

  7. If an invited manufacturer has equipment and/or decals or logos displaying a company not registered with the EUFMC, additional fees will be assessed. To display equipment of a company not registered, a fee of $2000 will be assessed. To display the logo or decal of a company not registered, an advertising fee of $500 for each logo or decal will be assessed for not covering the decal or logo.

  8. Participants will follow the Equipment Demonstration and Inspection General Instructions issued by the EUFMC Sr. Vice President. Participants are responsible for items displayed in their assigned exhibit space. All items displayed must fit in the space assigned. Do not drop ship equipment or other show items. Participants will make their own arrangements for items for the parking lot show area (tents, tables, chairs, displays, etc.).

  9. Booths are assigned by the EUFMC Equipment Show Coordinator. A standard booth is included in the EUFMC Company Registration fee based on the title of the company name registered. Standard booth size is determined according to product:

    • Vendor Type A: 22x20' for service/component suppliers
    • Vendor Type B: 22 x 30' for vehicle and large equipment suppliers (Truck/Chassis, Trenchers, Backhoes, Winches, Augers, etc.)
    • Vendor Type C: 22 x 50' for manufacturers of aerial devices, cranes, and derricks
    • Vendor Type D: 12 x 60' oversize vehicle or large equipment suppliers
    • For an additional fee, service/component suppliers may be eligible for a booth in the indoor display tent
    • Additional display space may be available for purchase to add to the booth provided. EUFMC sponsors have priority in purchasing additional display space.

  10. All special affairs during the EUFMC such as hospitalities and receptions must be coordinated with Ann Brown-Hailey, Director of Administration. All such events will be publicized in the EUFMC social program. The EUFMC will not support unauthorized events and consider such events in conflict with the purpose of the Conference. Fleet Representatives should not attend functions that conflict with scheduled EUFMC activities Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Private invitations issued to fleet managers by EUFMC manufacturers and service providers must not conflict with scheduled EUFMC activities; cooperation is expected. Hospitality rooms shall be kept closed while EUFMC meetings are in session.

  11. Current hospitality room assignments will be reserved for the following year for the hosting manufacturers to whom the hospitality expense is billed. If a host manufacturer releases the hospitality space, current hospitality hosts are given first right of refusal on the space available. After the current hosts are contacted, the open space remaining is assigned to the first manufacturer who expresses interest in the space.

  12. During all conference related functions, manufacturers shall not offer any gifts, promotional items, door prizes, raffles or any other give away that exceed a nominal value.

  13. Filming or video is prohibited at all EUFMC events unless approved in advance by the EUFMC President.

  14. Requests for hotel room reservations shall be made through Group Reservations, Colonial Williamsburg Company. Hospitality rooms must be coordinated with Ann Brown-Hailey, the EUFMC Director of Administration (see item 11).

  15. Name badges are issued to those who have purchased a conference registration. Attendees of any conference activity must wear the EUFMC name badge. Name badges are required for admission to EUFMC sponsored events. Badges are closely monitored to prevent unauthorized persons from participating in the Conference.

  16. Conference registration for manufacturers and service providers must be received by March 1. After that time, space cannot be guaranteed and additional companies may be invited to register. Registrations accepted after March 1 will be assessed a late registration fee of $1000.

  17. Refunds will be made on cancellation of registration through May 1. Refunds cannot be made on cancellations after May 1.


Rev. 09/17/2017